Our Story

Take 2 parts injury prevention program management (at Stanford Children’s Hospital and Santa Rosa Memorial Regional Trauma Center), add 2 children each and a huge pour of car seats & children safety, shake it up with a love of teaching and working with parents and what do you get - beep! beep! car seat & baby proofing!

We spent years (over 18 combined) running injury prevention programs for children at hospitals in the Bay Area. What is injury prevention you may ask? Literally trying to keep kids out of hospitals by preventing their injuries via education with their parents/caregivers. We love teaching and sharing our knowledge with anyone willing to listen to masters thesis on car seats or baby proofing. We are experts in our field and wear that badge proudly on our sleeves.

Although we’ve quit our day jobs, we still live and breathe safety (much to our children’s chagrin). Oh and did we mention we fell in love and got married? Yeah, that happened too. And, we love this work! Knowing we are helping parents/caregivers keep their precious little one’s safe is what drives us.

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This is Us ———>

Our goal - empower you as parents! As parents of 4 young children, we know the importance of car seats and are on a mission to educate parents & caregivers with connected, meaningful car seat education.

— Ben & Karli


founded in 2007



Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructors
Child Passenger Safety Technician - Special Needs
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International Association of Child Safety Members (IAFCS)